Maths Day

Yesterday the whole school took part in a wonderful Maths day. With the opportunity to take part in so many different types of maths activities, the children had an amazing time practising their maths skills. Mathletics was, once again, very well used and it was good to see how board games, word problems and mental arithmetic activities were helping children to develop a real grasp of the key concepts. Well done everyone, another great curriculum day! Watch the action unfold and listen to what the children have learnt…

Maths Day

Today we all had a fantastic afternoon with maths. From board games to basketball shooting and counting to treasure hunts to being Times Tables Rock Stars, the school was alive with fun, excitement and tremendous learning. Well done everyone, you all worked really hard.

Here are some children describing their maths day in their own words:

Maths problems

Problem 1.

I get £1966 from the lottery and I already have £10,223.

How much money do I have altogether?

Problem 2.

Sam has 196 toys.  He has to sell 99 of them.

How many toys does he have now?

Sasha’s maths problems

Sarah went to the shop to get some cereal that was £3.50, a chocolate bar that was 50 p, a pack of tick tacks that were £1.30 and a coat that was £10.99.

She had £20, how much money did she receive as change?

Billy was going to buy some tickets for the cinema, for two people it was £14.00 and for three people it was £21.00, he was going to the cinema on his own. How much would it cost.

Will you be able to answer the questions?